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You Have No Idea Is Ready For Pre-Order!

September 27, 2017

One thing I strongly believe in is encouraging people as often as I can, even if encouraging them means sharing things about my life I’ve gone through. It’s hard to envision the sunshine when you’re still standing in the pouring rain but once the storm passes, God will make everything clear to you. The Father revealed to me that the pain and hurt that I have and will endure is with a purpose in mind. It’s not for me to suffer, it’s for someone else-whether I know them or not.

I’m happy to announce that I will be a part of a collaboration book entitled: You Have No Idea The Hell I’ve Been Through: 21 Women Who Pushed from Pain to Purpose. It is a book where I and other beautiful, dynamic women will be sharing our stories about how we were able to press through our pain and walk in our purpose so that we can impact and encourage the lives of others. I find it an absolute honor to be a part of something as powerful as this and it is all glory going to the Father!

I’m so blessed that I’ve been chosen to share my story alongside other powerful, life changing women. I’m truly grateful and I will continue to praise the Father for this opportunity and the opportunities to follow in which I can used by Him through writing and telling my testimonies as a way help and empower other women. Please join us on this journey as we all tell our stories about the things we went through that led us to our purpose.

I made the announcement on social media last night that the first 20 people who pre-order my book will have their names mentioned on a special thank you page along with their business (if you have one) to show my appreciation for your support! Since making this announcement, 10 women have already pre-ordered my book so there are 10 slots remaining. If you are interested, please go to and place your order.

Do not get discouraged if you miss being apart of the first 20. You can still place your order because I want you to be empowered and encouraged by the stories that will be told in this book whether you are a woman (or know other women) who has or is going through some things and you/they need to be inspired or if you are a man who knows a woman/women who could use this book so don’t wait, place your order today!!!






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