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Hidden Talents

June 26, 2017

The hidden talents that are before you are not so hidden to the ones who are of God. Your way has been prepared before you, but it starts with you seeking the Father more for it. Your way has been set, and your promises lie ahead of you but in order for you to receive them, you have to start drawing closer to God more often and keep Him before you. Your faith will make a way of escape for you and it is here where you will discover more about God.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus is telling a parable (an earthly story with a heavenly meaning) about the talents (money). In this story the Master (God) had a detailed plan of what He gave His servants (the ones God gives work to) and how He wanted them to carry out what He needed done to bring Him more fruit (harvest) from the money He distributed. The Master only gave the men what they could handle because he knew their strengths.  God will never give you more than you are able to handle.  He will only assign to you that which is appropriate for you.  The Father has seen your growth so He knows the capacity you are able to reach. With these men, the Master gave them what they could use as well as the ability to receive more.  As they received more, the master could give more responsibilities to them.  The servants were required to give back to the Master what He had given to them.

When the Master returned, He wanted to see if the servants spent their time wisely with what He had assigned to them. He wanted to see how much they were able to gain for His kingdom while they were operating in the earthly realm.  The Master wanted to see what they were capable of doing with the works He had for them. Are you able to see how this can apply to you? The Father wants to see what you are going to do with what He has given, or assigned, to you.  He wants to see where you stand with Him giving you more for doing what has been assigned to you. You must work for God (do what He tells you to do) in order to receive more from Him. Of course, it is going to take sacrifice and effort, but your work will always be blessed by the Father because He is the One you have received your assignment from.

When the Master had returned to His servants, He wanted to see how much they were able to grow for His benefit. The first servant received five talents from the Master. He was able to take the talents he received and gained five more with the work or investment he had made for the Master. The first servant had more talents because he had more experience. The Master was able to give him more so that He could receive more. He was the most trustworthy one of all of them because he had the greater responsibility for the Master. The second servant had received two talents and by the time the Master had returned, he was able to gain two more talents. The second servant was not as experienced, but still had a willingness to work hard even though he had received less than the one before him. He was not focused on what he lacked, he was focused on using what he had. This was the point the Father was trying to get me to.

For a long time, I did not want this assignment because I was afraid of losing, I was afraid of failing, and I was afraid to step out on faith because of the things I thought I lacked. I wanted to work on my job longer so that I could make more money to get the things started that God needed me to do. However, the Father told that I would have never made enough money to start working for Him because the plans He has for me far exceeds any amount of money on this earth I could ever make, and I had to believe that. He further went on to tell me, “I would never give you an assignment that matches your bank account, where’s the faith in that? If that was the case, you would be doing it out of your own strength instead of Me doing it for you.” Hearing the Father tell me all of this initially came as a hard pill to swallow, but I knew that it was something that I needed to hear.  I needed Him to tell me that I have to believe in Him. I needed Him to tell me that He really does have great plans for me, and He operates in ways that does not make sense to others, but it is perfect for Him because it lines up with His will.

The third servant was the one the Master found less favor in. Instead of investing the one talent that was given to him, out of fear, he took the talent and buried it. He made excuses for not wanting to work and refusing to do what was asked of him. He had the least amount of work, but found it most difficult to meet the Master’s demands. God is not pleased with His children who does this. He is not pleased with the ones who go against His will. They are the ones who allow fear to come into their lives and ruin them. They are the ones who trust in the earth cursed system. They call on the Father for things, but turn around and do it in their own strength when they feel that their prayers are not being answered or God is “moving too slow.” They want more money so they become enslaved, work massive amount of hours, but are too exhausted to go to church, pray, or spend time in God’s Word.  These are the ones who have replaced God’s time with man’s job, or other things, but then wonder why they cannot stay ahead. It’s like the harder they work, the more they have to put into their work. These are the ones who have no trust in God so therefore, they really do not know Him and how He can operate in their lives, and until they call on God, and come to Him, He cannot help them until they release their power over to Him.

The Talents Parable dealt with money, but this story can also be viewed as your personal talents and gifts. What are you doing with the time God has given you? What are you doing with the talents He has given you? Are you investing your time and talents wisely or are you keeping them hidden so that no one can see them and from the ones who need them? The Father wants you to use your talents and gifts wisely. He does not want what He has blessed you with to become stagnate or unused because what you are electing not to use may be the very thing God wants you to use in order to glorify Him and His kingdom. Do not worry about what or where you think you are lacking. Do not allow fear to creep in. Do not question as to why this assignment has been given to you.  Just know that if the Father has given this talent to you, you have more than enough of what it takes to get the job done.

My prayer is that you will no longer keep your talents hidden. That you will search the Father more so that you will know what to do with what He has given you. That you will keep God in all things as your journey continues from here so that your talents and gifts will make room for you. I pray that you will search the Father’s heart and His Word more, and believe that He has great plans for you with the assignment He has given you in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



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