Christian life coaching can take many forms including professional services, ministry, and personal development.   It involves Christian principles and values.  In a sense, Christian life coaches are similar to personal trainers.  Just like a client would hire a personal trainer to assist them with meeting their fitness goals, a Christian life coach would be hired to help a client reach a certain goal or give encouragement to a client when they are facing changes or transition in their life.   Christian life coaches may also help businesses or organizations become accustomed to the latest work techniques.  Life coaches can also help clients who feel stuck and in need of new direction.   Below a few frequently asked questions pertaining to Christian life coaching:

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

Life coaching:

  • Is action-oriented
  • Deals with  the present and future
  • Helps the client move forward from an already healthy position
  • Helps the client do more, faster than he or she would be able to do on their own
  • Helps the client take their goals and themselves more seriously
  • Supports the client with exhortation and is their #1 cheerleader
  • Helps the client strategize and offers suggestions as appropriate


  • Deals with the past
  • Works to heal hurts and emotional issues
  • Helps the client achieve a healthy, stable position
  • Is not action-oriented as much as discussion on internal issues
  • Works with the client so they come up with their own solutions

How does secular coaching differ from Christian coaching?

Secular coaching urges the clients to seek their own desires and goals.  The clients are encouraged to look within themselves for what they really want.  The secular coach then works with the client to achieve the client’s stated goals and remove obstacles (human, material, and environmental) that get in the way of achieving success. The sessions are all about the client and client’s wants, needs, hopes, dreams, desires, and how to achieve them.

Christian coaching inspires the clients to seek the Lord’s will in their lives and align their lives with God’s plan. The Christian coach uses coaching knowledge, proficiencies, and tools to assist the clients in finding their talents and gifts to benefit a greater purpose and uses prayer in addition to traditional coaching tools to assist in removal of obstacles presented by the enemy (Satan).

If you would like to hire me as your Christian life coach, my contact information can be found here.  You will receive a free 30 minute “Confidence Building” Session with me.  In this session, you will leave with:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of life God has intended you to live
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your purpose
  • Leave the session renewed, encouraged, and inspired to walk in the faith and confidence that God has given to you