Lashana Lloyd

Hello, my name is LaShana Lloyd, thank you for visiting my faithledlife.com blog!

I am a Christian blogger, writer, life coach, aspiring author, and speaker. I help women, from all walks of life, become encouraged, inspired, and empowered so that their confidence can become stronger. I publish new posts weekly. If you would like to receive my newest posts, please subscribe to my blog via e-mail.

I started Faith Led Life in 2016, and I am amazed at how excited people are searching to improve their life, the different areas of their life, and the lives of others. My vision is to prepare the hearts of women to receive the Glory of Jesus and to bring them into a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit with encouragement and inspiration.

The mission is to prepare women by nourishing their souls with the words spoken or written that will lead them to or back to God with a passion driven purpose to inspire and encourage women to walk purposely in their calling, and equip them to receive God’s glory.

I am being led by faith to do the things that must be done for God’s glory. It is my prayer that:

  • My ministry will lead other women back to God with the words that I write and speak.
  • Women will find encouragement in me because of my walk with God.
  • It will prepare them to receive God more or receive Him for the first time.
  • Women of faith will come from my ministry and prepare them to do greater work for God’s Kingdom.

I currently live in Northern Virginia. In my free time, besides writing, I enjoy reading good books and working out.